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What are Indonesian odds? How to play correctly from a soccer expert

The Indonesian odds, also known as Indonesian handicap, have caused a sensation in the football betting market since their inception. Gradually, they have become one of the indispensable odds in the world of football betting. New players looking to understand Indonesian odds should not overlook this home win soccer tips by Wintips, as it will surely help you comprehend the odds and learn how to play them accurately.

What are Indonesian odds?

In the Vietnamese football betting market, Indonesian odds have been around for a long time and are widely known. Players often choose these odds for various reasons, one of which is the high odds. Knowing that the odds are high, many people have chosen to bet on these odds to find opportunities to win for themselves.

Indonesian odds have similarities with another official odds in the betting market - Malaysian odds. In both of these odds, players will see both positive and negative odds. Therefore, even if the bet amount is 1,000 VND, it will still yield two different reward levels.

When betting on Indonesian odds, players who lose will lose more money than their original bet, and they will lose even more if betting on the favorite. However, this discrepancy comes from the fact that if the bet wins, the odds in the Indonesian odds will help players receive a large and attractive reward. The risk is high, but the profit it brings is much higher than other odds.

Characteristics of Indonesian odds

For newcomers, they still haven't figured out what characteristics different types of odds have. When betting for a long enough time, players will gradually recognize the characteristics of the odds. From there, they can make a reasonable choice of which odds to bet on. In Indonesian odds, you have the option to bet at a positive or negative rate:

Betting on a draw, players will get back their initial bet amount, with odds of 1.00.

Betting on a win, players betting on the underdog have the chance to receive a much larger reward than their initial bet.

In the case of winning with negative odds and betting on the favorite, players still receive a reward, but with lower odds compared to positive bets.

Example of calculating Indonesian odds for beginners

In a series of Indonesian odds, the betting option with higher payout rates is called positive Indonesian odds. The characteristic of positive Indonesian odds is when there is a "+" sign before the number, or sometimes only the positive number is displayed alone. When you bet on positive Indonesian odds, you bet one unit of currency to receive a corresponding payout.

For example, in a UEFA 2020 match, the Over/Under bet for the first half between Hungary and Germany has Indonesian odds for Hungary - Over at 2.85. If you bet 1,000 VND, you can receive 2,850 VND (= 1,000 VND x 2.85).

Conversely, before negative Indonesian odds, there is always a "-" sign and is often applied to the team with higher winning chances, or the favorite team. The characteristic of negative Indonesian odds is that it indicates the amount you need to bet to win 1 unit of currency.

For instance, in the match between Hungary and Germany in the Euro 2020, the Indonesian odds for betting on Hungary - Under in the first half are -4.35. To win 1,000 VND, you need to bet 4,350 VND (= 1,000 VND x 4.35).

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Tips from Expert Players on Betting Indonesian Odds

In sports betting, every bettor possesses a fierce competitive spirit. They aspire to have their names celebrated as winners and claim corresponding rewards. To enhance their winning odds, apart from dedicating time to learning, bettors also need to accumulate useful tips from those who have gone before them.

Consideration in Placing Bets

Any bettor opting for Indonesian odds must carefully consider their choices. This type of odds presents high risks but also high profits. Consequently, if unlucky, the amount lost can be significant. Exercise caution and choose to bet on these odds at the appropriate times.

Avoiding the Traps of Betting Platforms' Odds

Indonesian odds are highly enticing for players. They always aim to win big on these odds with high stakes. However, in betting, stakes vary with different odds. Platforms may manipulate this to lure players into their betting traps.

Platforms may consistently offer attractive stakes to entice players to bet. However, they might conclude the betting round with significantly lower odds than initially promised. It is evident that fluctuating odds help platforms balance their financial lines as the number of players changes. Exploiting this aspect will only benefit the platforms.

Continuous Updating of Indonesian Odds on Betting Platforms

At different times, as the number of players betting on Indonesian odds and other factors change, the odds will also fluctuate. This is a normal occurrence that newcomers need to get accustomed to. If players wish to profit from attractive odds, they must continually monitor and update the odds to seize opportunities.

Proactively Enhance Knowledge of Betting Odds

One of the fundamental pieces of advice given to players by other bettors is to enhance their soccer knowledge. Spending time researching before starting is akin to learning the foundations of a new skill. The more solid the foundation, the more opportunities players will have in the future compared to those who know nothing.

In sports betting, understanding the various odds requires precise and accurate information. If unclear about any aspect, players can research online or ask acquaintances in the betting community for clarification.


Understanding Indonesian odds will dispel all doubts for new players. They will gain confidence in entering betting rounds and selecting these odds to increase their winning chances. With soccer tips sites from expert players will help readers become professionals in the online betting community!


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