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The meaning behind Promise Rings For Couples

It doesn't need to be a wedding to draw attention to your relationship with your partner. Sometimes, unique rings for your partner can suffice. They can be used to present the uniqueness of your own relationship in the same way as. Find out here what the significance behind partner rings is and when you can start wearing these rings.

What's the meaning behind partner rings?

Partner rings are pieces of jewelry that can be worn together by partners to signify of their bond. They can be worn by unmarried couples at any time, and can replace engagement and wedding rings. Partner rings remain to symbolize your special relationship even after you've decided to marry.

Rings for partners can be worn as a piece of jewelry for a short time in the event you decide to tie the knot later.

What's the significance of partner rings?

Partner rings represent the strong connection you have with your partner. It isn't necessary to be married for partners to wear unique, matching pieces of jewelry. You can wear a partner ring without a wedding certificate or marriage certificate. You can choose to buy the rings as a gift for yourself and your partner, or you can get the rings together.

What is the difference between wedding rings and rings for partners?

The main difference between wedding and partner rings is based on the promise that goes with them. If you wear wedding rings on one another, you usually do this at your wedding, while you're expressing "I do". Wearing partner rings doesn't require a wedding ceremony. They can be worn without any marriage certificate.

It's usually a bit more difficult to put wedding rings. After all, you probably spent a lot of time planning your wedding and didn't pick rings at random. You also knew from the time you got engaged that you would require your wedding rings by a certain date - the date of your wedding.

You can also purchase and wear the ring of your partner at any time without any reason. There is no need to be prepared and there is no time frame for the rings to be in place. Partner rings are a "less complicated" version of couple ring.

What are the different types of rings that are partner-based?

Basically, any type of rings can be used as the ring of a partner. You can wear anything you and your partner would like as the ring. You can discover here the styles and types of materials that are for partner rings - but also engagement and wedding rings.

Gold Partner Rings

Gold partner rings are among the most classic. The timeless yellow gold elegant white gold modern red gold, or soft rose gold, gold is sure to be the right color for everyone's preference. Gold harmonizes wonderfully with stone settings or various engravings.

Titanium partner rings

Titanium is an unusual material for wedding rings. Perhaps that's the reason why it's so popular for wedding rings with partner. Partner rings made of titanium are certainly a unique eye-catcher with their dark gray look.

Rings made of tungsten for partners

Tungsten is more dark than titanium, however it isn't as durable as titanium. This isn't the usual material for wedding rings and may therefore be a suitable option for your partner rings. Partner rings made of the tungsten alloy are definitely unique pieces of jewelry.

Partner rings with engraving

Engravings make every piece jewelry individual and distinctive This is also true for your rings for partners. A quote you love, the name of your loved one or a saying on the ring that you share with your partner: Laser engraving, a myriad of words and symbols can be immortalized on your rings.

Which side do you wear the partner ring?

It's up to the wearer which hand and finger they choose. In Germany and Austria the wedding rings and engagement rings are traditionally worn on the left and right hands in the respective hands. This is not a norm in the United States. No matter which hand you are wearing the ring is worn where it feels most comfortable to wear it and the most attractive.

Who is responsible for the cost of the rings?

Since partner rings are pieces of jewelry that are not purchased with the wedding in mind, you can also decide (together) who pays for the rings. You can purchase the rings and present them to your partner or go on a hunt to find matching rings. Whatever you decide - the purchase can be paid by a single person or both.

The meaning of rings for partners

Partner rings can be a stunning symbol of the bond you share with your partner. You don't have to be married to wear matching pieces of jewelry which show that you are both a part of the same. Find unique rings for your partner or surprise your sweetheart. We hope you enjoy wearing your partner rings!


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