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Draw an anime character using threeD doll

Today we will learn to use the 3D stereoscopic, and it is present in the program Clip Studio Paint only, unfortunately it does not exist in Photoshop or any other drawing program, so let us learn together how to use the stereogram, which will save us a lot of time and effort in choosing the position of the body.

Download the software used from Here

Many suffer from the difficulty of drawing the shape and position of the body, and that is why I found this tool. Using it does not necessarily mean that you are a beginner or not good at drawing, but you only want to help with the position of the body, and you want to save time on you.

A quick video showing you how to add the 3D model

Here I will show you some of the characteristics of moving the puppet in several angles, so you can choose the angle you want to draw, notice the hands for example, how we control the movement of the fingers

Now I will show you how to change the position of the arm

Look here, as soon as we press the arm or the hand, the settings appear that enable us to change the position and position of the arms, I pulled the arm from the back to the front straight.

All we have to do is press the command arrow, and pull the hand wherever we want

The option shown here, is the second option, it helps us change the front angle, while maintaining the position of the body

The third option, you rotate the doll, clockwise or counterclockwise

The fourth option is to change the angle of the camera, so if you like to put the camera above the doll's head, behind it or in front of the hand

The fifth option helps us take the doll from one place to another throughout the page

As for the sixth option, it changes the size of the doll, from enlarging and reducing the stereoscopic

Drawing stage

After we finished preparing the 3D doll, in terms of camera position and body movement, we came to the anime drawing and coloring section.

Together we add a new layer, and quickly draw the clothes that the anime character is wearing

I always google clothes, in case I have no idea what the character will be wearing
كيف ترسم باستخدام الدمية ثلاثية الأبعاد

Now we can get rid of the doll, and do the drawing, drawing the eyes and the face, and then the hair

كيف ترسم باستخدام الدمية ثلاثية الأبعاد

We then go through the stage of inking in black

كيف ترسم باستخدام الدمية ثلاثية الأبعاد

This is the end result of the work, I hope you liked the drawing and the steps we went through

كيف ترسم باستخدام الدمية ثلاثية الأبعاد

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