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Enter the world of anime animation

Welcome to all of you to a new post through which I will address the most important factors that help you start the long and beautiful journey in the world of animation, especially animation

As we all know, that anime is now considered popular worldwide, and everyone has become obsessed with it, and many artists skilled in animation have appeared on the surface, using their own tools and programs, in order to enter this wonderful field!

This is one of the pillars of animation: talent, time, and patience


Do you know why I entered this field despite its scarcity and difficulty? It is the talent of drawing that I enjoyed, but when I started animation, I did not feel that there was a barrier between me and the animation at all.

No one, no matter who owns the best computers or drawing boards, will not be able to enter the field of animation unless he has the talent for drawing. If you are a painter, it will be easy for you, because what is animation? Just a drawing after drawing, which creates a moving scene for us, so it was called animation, so here you have to enter an institute to learn drawing before learning animation, in order to strengthen your skills and teach you the basics of the profession.

If you want to enter this field despite this obstacle, it is possible, then you can be a director of the viewer, the writer of the anime story, or a storyboard painter, or the video editor and many others.


In the past when I was young, I used to move a lot of cartoon and anime scenes, from morning to evening, without tiring or boredom, because I was a student in my high school, and I had a lot of free time I used to spend in drawing and animation, and sometimes I was the first One who wakes up at home and the last one who sleeps.

Unlike these days, I have grown up and started working and I don't have much time to do this anymore, so I only move about once a month or two, so animation needs to be given from your time in order to give you a great result.

كيف تبدأ مشوارك في عالم تحريك الانمي سمر ارت

So before you start, you should know that it is a somewhat difficult journey, especially if you are related to work time, university, or your family life. We all know that animation takes a lot of time, so you will play the role of the director, in order to cut scenes and choose the angles of the animation, and then Animation, which, as mentioned above, is time consuming and will require enough time from you, and from here I advise you to practice it as a hobby only if you are in your beginning, on weekends, when you can move one scene.


When I entered this field 11 years ago, I did not know that it was a stressful work, and that it would drain me a lot of effort, so I would start moving the anime directly, and after hours I feel bored, and I turn off the computer, because I did not finish the scene today, imagine!

I really thought that I would be able to finish an animation or anime in one day, and this is crazy, I did not know that I would need weeks or maybe two months in order to make a three-minute anime movie. I was frustrated at first, but I reminded myself that I should Be patient and be long and repeat the ball in order to create my favorite anime.

كيف تبدأ مشوارك في عالم تحريك الانمي سمر ارت

This is the matter on the ground, my dear, if we do not have patience, and if we do not finish a shot every day, then there will be no presence of anime works that are made by talented hands.

We can divide one scene during the week, and work about 4 hours per day, try to finish a small shot per day, and take a break every two days.

And this is what I realized now, this profession is wonderful, to design anime made by your own hands It is amazing, and you will feel overjoyed, so as soon as you see your character moving, it is as if you see your son walking! Therefore, I strongly encourage you to follow this path, it is true that it is full of some pitfalls, but it is a magical world, from which the most famous cartoon and anime works that we were brought up started on, so why not try.

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