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How to draw anime eyes step by step

Welcome, my dear friends, for a new lesson and another explanation related to drawing, and this time we will draw one of the most important parts of the face, which is the eyes, and we know that in the world of anime, eyes are the main element that expresses the character in front of us, and through them we know the character's traits. Through her eyes, is she evil or good? Girl or young man?

That is why I will explain in a simple manner as we are used to each time, without the need for complication.

Download the software used from Here


We define the shape of the eye using geometric shapes, this will help us build the shape and size of the eyes. We draw a pentagon of several sizes, basically depending on the shape of the character.

The line that we drew for the outer side, or as it is called in the picture, "the tip of the eye" or "teardrop" in the case of the anime should be the longest as shown

كيف ترسم عين الانمي درس رسم العيون سمر ارت

Drawing lines :

Here, we begin to draw the curved lines, depending on the layout that we previously drew, and through them we will determine the rotation of the eyes.

كيف ترسم عين الانمي درس رسم العيون سمر ارت

Fill :

We now begin to fill in the lines by selecting the drawing from all sides, the upper side is devoted to the density of the eyelashes, and the lower side we draw a small line and sometimes we can dispense with the lower eyelashes "according to the personality".

كيف ترسم عين الانمي درس رسم العيون سمر ارت

Line art :

The role of eye planning comes in black ink or what is known as "line art", and we add the eyelashes and the pupil, and above the eye we draw the lid line

كيف ترسم عين الانمي درس رسم العيون سمر ارت

Anime eyes types :

For normal anime eyes, the drawing must be somewhat curved and rounded, with the addition of the lower eyelashes densely but without hairs and the upper line is devoid of hair, but just a bold line, and this quality is worthy of the gentle and tolerant characters.

طريقة رسم عيون الانمي بطرق مختلفة

The eyes are drawn up from the tip, giving an arrogant and selfish look to the character, and the eyelashes are drawn intensely from the other side.

طريقة رسم عيون الانمي بطرق مختلفة

As for this quality, it is larger and the white area is more visible, with hairs sticking out from the tip, and the pupil is large, covering the white slightly.

طريقة رسم عيون الانمي بطرق مختلفة

Here we see that it is an eye befitting mysterious and evil figures, as we find that the upper side is drawn and drawn straight and sharp, with a pupil of a small size always.

طريقة رسم عيون الانمي بطرق مختلفة

The larger the eye, the larger the pupil

Coloring :

After we finish the previous steps, from planning and drawing the anime eyes, we paint, with the colors that we choose.

كيف ترسم عين الانمي درس رسم العيون سمر ارت

Shading :

This is the last stage of drawing anime eyes, after coloring, we go directly to shading and adding effects such as lighting. And do not forget to draw eyebrows

كيف ترسم عين الانمي درس رسم العيون سمر ارت
Final image with skin tone for each eye

Sometimes many find that drawing anime eyes is difficult, because there are many details in one eye, but with simple steps like these, and practicing exercises on a daily basis, we can improve our skills constantly, so apply the steps of this lesson, and continue to exercise daily, and I will Meet you in a new explanation.

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