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How To Make Your Own Anime Animation

The "Idea Reader" anime I created and animated, if you follow the instructions below, you will be able to design your own anime as well.

There is no doubt that anime design has become of interest to many, especially since tools are available these days, and because young people are fond of anime, and every person wants us to design and produce an episode, or even an anime scene, from the work of his hands, in order to show his creativity and ideas, and In order to share his unique talent with the world. Therefore, I came to you with ideas and suggestions, to help you start designing your own movie, with the quality of Japanese anime, and now let's go to the steps.

  • The idea :

It must be an idea that has never been in the arena before, and do not forget that anime is one of the most difficult arts at all, so try to come up with an idea, pull the follower, and make him not stop watching, so the best way to come with an idea is to watch A group of translated anime, and try to record every idea you like on a sheet of paper, and when you finish, keep the ideas that you want to quote, and you have a solution of two, either you merge the ideas, or you come up with an idea derived from the quotes.

  • Scenario:

It is one of the foundations of the anime, and it is what makes you walk according to the idea of the anime, before you write the script, divide the number of pages, so as not to prolong the writing on each page, it is necessary during writing the script, is to write the dialogue of the characters, but I personally advise you, to You write the dialogue of the characters, when you completely finish the script, because writing them together may not give you the full right to write an interesting dialogue, and you may confuse the dialogue with events.

كيف تصنع الانمي بنفسك | سمر ارت
Add table and split scenes

In order not to fall into big trouble, decide before starting, whether you want to work in "anime" or "cartoon", because there is a difference between them. Anime has a distinct character, and working on it is more accurate and more difficult. As for cartoon, it is easier and the work for you is simpler. .
  • Drawing :

Supposedly when you say anime, the drawings must be really an anime, and this is a mistake many people face, when they do not know the difference between anime and others, because anime has a unique quality in it, and your characters must be distinguished by that, the drawing and characters must be of one character, For example, you want an arrogant character, then the drawing must express that, otherwise viewers will not notice the character's characteristics, so try as much as possible to link your drawing with your character's characteristics.

كيف تصنع الانمي بنفسك | سمر ارت
We quickly design the character to visualize what he looks like

  • scenes :

After preparing the story and the characters, it is now time to prepare the clips for the anime movie, which determine for you how the characters move, the camera, and the things around them, each scene must be unique in its character, especially those that express the state of the characters, or the most important circumstances that They pass by, or an important and memorable moment, add to that zoom in and out, and the shots in which the camera is at different angles, for example from the ceiling, or near the face of the character, and one of the most important shots that you should pay attention to is action, so it should be It is fun, and lightning-fast, especially as it contains a large number of effects.

كيف تصنع الانمي بنفسك | سمر ارت
We paint scenes without fine detail, only the important lines with the movement of the camera in red

  • Backgrounds :

Before starting the animation, draw all the backgrounds for animation, and this is using Photoshop, not Elton Boom, because Photoshop backgrounds are more beautiful and give more realism, or if you like, paint the background you want, just before the desired scene.

  • Animating :

And now we have come to the fun part, which is the animation, "Animation", and here you must attend your own program, which allows you to design animation, and I recommend you Toon Boom Harmony, it is the best and easiest, it gives you a lot of options that help you In a professional movie production.

كيف تصنع الانمي بنفسك | سمر ارت
Animate one of the anime scenes you made

  • Editing :

After completing your film, and doing everything, the last step remains which is montage, save the entire video, and put it in your favorite montage program, where you start by cutting and erasing scenes that you do not want, or changing their places, and you may add some texts, In order to explain to the viewer something, and not lose sight of the most important elements of the film, namely music and sounds, there is no film that is free of them, so add sound effects for each movement, such as the sound of water at the tap, or the sound of stones when they break or the sound of an explosion ...

Music :

Add music that expresses the situation in front of you, and one of the most important things in any animated movie is dubbing, so all you have to do is add your voice, read your dialogue in the scenario, and in order to change the tone of your voice, add effects to it And if you would like to make it easier for you to work, invite your brothers or friends to join you in dubbing the film, give each character a voice from your friends, make them read the script well, and let them know the feelings that they must feel during the scenes, and when arranging everything Sit in a quiet place, and record the voices of your friends alone, not together, it is much easier.

كيف تصنع الانمي بنفسك | سمر ارت
You can use any editing program you want

  • some advices :

  1. You need to be in a quiet place, to be attentive to your work

  2. Hire some friends to help you with some errands, so you can finish quickly

  3. Don't speed up your performance, you want the animation to be smooth, so take your time

  4. Retry if you fail to design the animation, not everything works out

  5. If movement becomes difficult for you, you can use an animation from any anime movie

  6. When you are borrowing a scene from another anime, do not try to copy it all, but change it.

كيف تصنع انمي في بيتك | سمر ارت
Final scene from one of my anime, after doing all the previous steps
  • Tips to make it easy for you:

  1. Draw backgrounds before anything, and draw front accessories, such as a tree, chair, wall, etc.

  2. When you move, do not color after each direct movement, but you must completely finish moving, so that things do not get confused.

  3. Color after you finish stirring

  4. Add shadows, this is something you shouldn't lose sight of because it gives aesthetic to your movie

  5. If there are scenes that need effects, add them, using another effect program

  6. Do not animate more than one character, as this may make it difficult for you.

  • informations :

You have to bear in mind well, that work like this requires patience and effort, so do not think that it is easy, because doing one scene requires a large staff, but it is not impossible for you to make your film, because the tools and programs have become available now, so you have to be prepared With the idea and the story before starting, so as not to stop in the middle of your work, and divide the number of hours per day, and it is preferable to work at least 6 hours a day, with a break every 3 hours.

By following these steps, you will have finished designing a professional anime movie, from your home, and with both hands, it is very easy, you just have to be a talented person who is determined to reach his goal in the world of anime design.

Also, here are links to anime work that you made on YouTube, so that you know that it is possible and not impossible:

This is my first anime movie ever, and it won the admiration of many, and since then I have been continuously improving and progressing in animation.

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