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Learn to draw human body in anime style

Today I will present to you this lesson, at the request of a follower of the site, in which we will learn how to draw the body of an anime and manga character, from beginning to end, and this lesson will be dedicated to drawing the male body, and we will dedicate another lesson to drawing the female body, because it has a technique different, so follow along and learn.

We open the drawing program, the drawing program that I always use is Clip studio paint, for purchase and download for free, below.

1 We first draw the specific length of the character, and when we are done with that, we come to divide the rectangle into two parts, an upper part and a lower part.

It is very necessary that the upper section be shorter than the lower, as is the case in the real body

2 Then we divide the square at the top and bottom in half equally, and then we draw a dividing line in the middle

Now it is the turn of the limbs, as you notice that the length of the hands sometimes reaches the waist and the bottom of my chest, and that the legs are longer than the arms as we know.

At the bottom of the head, we draw an inverted triangle, where its tip is up, "this will be the neck", and below it a wide square from the top, where it will be the shoulders, and at the bottom where the waist, we will draw a square, and below it is a triangle as you can see.

We draw a line, from the shoulder, and then add the circle "symbolizing the elbow", and then another line, ending it with a triangle "symbolizing the hands", and we repeat the same process for the legs.

Learn to draw human body from start to finish

3 And now it is the turn of filling the body with mass, as mass means the percentage of body size, if we decide to make the character skinny or fat, and here we made the character with muscles, and a relatively large size, but not huge.

Pay close attention to the division of the body, I have drawn the divisions, so that you can clearly see how to draw, each shape means a part of the body.

And notice how dividing the rectangle into three sections helped us draw the body from top to bottom, "the head, the chest, and the legs."

Learn to draw human body from start to finish

4 Here we are done drawing, it's time to inking, and don't forget to add some body details, such as muscles, chest, etc.

Learn to draw human body from start to finish

Note the muscular structure of the body, from here we can know where the muscles and bones lie, on the basis of which we draw the problematic and huge figures
Learn to draw human body from start to finish

Here, look how we drew the whole body, using geometric shapes, and in the way I mentioned to you above, we notice that:

Shoulders are represented by:

  • Chest: square at the top

  • Abdomen: square

  • The waist and the lower area: a pentagonal shape, and the bottom is similar to a triangle

This is the method that I use in drawing the male body, it is easy to remember, and gives a beautiful shape to the drawing, so I advise you to practice it always

Learn to draw human body from start to finish

The lower area is the easiest, and we do not need much details, all we have to do is draw a pentagonal shape, and from its two ends we draw the legs "a line with a circle under it for the knee, and another line below it, and under it a circle, then the foot was represented."

The natural curvatures of the body must be taken into account. At the waist, the figure is slightly wider in males, the thighs are more wide, and at the knee the bend is inward, and then the calf muscle is large, larger than the size of the knee, and bent outward

That is, all the muscles of the body are no more than curves, except in the arms and legs, it is like drawing waves, and it is easy
Learn to draw human body from start to finish

Here I drew a quick drawing using the same technique, and they noticed the symmetry of the body, length and mass together,

Learn to draw human body from start to finish

The same thing happens when we draw at a different angle, but in the same way, you can notice that the body is symmetrical, and the dimensions are as well, so practice this method so that you can draw the anime body in an effective way.

And this final picture I drew within a few minutes no more, and the reason is due to continuous training, so train, and use these methods, and you will find that you have mastered drawing the body of the anime.

Learn to draw human body from start to finish

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