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Learn to draw sky in anime art style

Hello my friends, in a new post, in which I will draw the sky, in an anime style, and the method is very easy, a gradient blue sky, white clouds with shading, and sunshine, and let's see together how to draw the sky in an anime style.

Download the software used from Here

We start first by opening the drawing program, whatever it is, so that the page is white, we draw the shapes of clouds of several sizes, and the sky at the top is filled with big clouds and from the bottom with small clouds.

Small clouds can be asymmetrically
Big clouds should be behind and more clouds ahead

Then we color the whole page in cyan, with gradient color, from the top is darker from the bottom, and we paint the clouds in white

We make sure that the bottom of the clouds is a little "dark"

It is necessary to draw the clouds in a different layer “the clouds that are behind in a layer, and those in front of them in a layer.” In this drawing I needed four layers

Here we shade from the clouds behind and up to the front, and we walk with the brush in a circular motion and we shade

We should lighten the shading at the top and intensify it at the bottom

And here we move to the clouds in front of it, and we continue

And now the shading is completely over

The clouds in the back are darker than those in the front

And here is the final result, after we have drawn the sun, and added the lighting, and the sparkle in order to give the sky a radiance.

I hope you liked the quick lesson, and there are more lessons in my pocket, consisting of animation, manga and anime, so subscribe to the blog and share it with everyone, bye

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