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Manga dialog balloons you must use

أنواع بالونات الحوار في المانجا سمر ارت

Welcome to a new and quick explanation, this time about the manga, which is how to differentiate between dialogue balloons in our manga. Through balloons, readers can sense the moments of the scene they are reading, through speech bubbles alone, so let's look at their patterns together.

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1 Dialogue

Here we start with the normal mode, which you will see in almost every scene, which are the normal dialogue bubbles, which are used when the character is in a normal situation during her day.

أنواع بالونات الحوار في المانجا سمر ارت

2 Joy

Here we use these balloons only when necessary, for example when the character is very happy, or cheerful. As you can see, the edges of the circles are colored and painted in bright colors, expressing the happy state of the character.

For example, when the heroine is experiencing a romantic moment, or when the hero of the story hears the most beautiful news in his life, and so on.

أنواع بالونات الحوار في المانجا سمر ارت

3 Narration

These squares are not used by manga characters, all of which are a metaphor for rectangles to narrate the events of this chapter, or to give a glimpse of a particular character, or a new place to which the manga characters have gone. For example, you write a summary of what will happen in this chapter, or explain to the reader about something that may not appear clearly In the story, that is, she will act as the narrator.

أنواع بالونات الحوار في المانجا سمر ارت

Download the software used from Here

4 Excitement

We use these balloons in moments when our characters are excited about something, such as hearing about something important, or when they feel energized to learn something, for example: Did it really happen? Or, did you really pass the exam? Or, I can't believe how cool this is!!

As it pulls the follower and knows that what is happening is important to the hero of the story

5 Yelling

Here we use these balloons in scenes of screaming, anger and emotion, as if the character screams at a certain person out loud, or that the hero is angry and says everything he has inside.

We can use it while calling too

6 Whisper

These light balloons, we use when the character whispers in a low voice to someone, so we know it's dangerous and no one should hear it, or when the heroine is telling someone a secret, a lot of people are around, and you don't want them to hear.

7 Thinking

These bubbles are in the shape of clouds, they are used when the manga character is thinking inside of him, or when he says something in his heart, with arrows in the form of circles that indicate the person who is thinking

8 Emotions

We use these balloons in the manga in specific circumstances, such as anxiety, or fear of something, that is, in short, when feelings surround the hero of the story, so that we draw the attention of the follower, and he knows that this situation provoked the feelings and feelings of our character

9 Assorted and additional balloons

The balloon on the right: is crying, or when the manga character sheds tears

The balloon at the top: to announce something important or special, for everyone to hear

The balloon at the bottom: in dramatic cases, when the scene is dramatic and carries a lot of grief or sadness

The balloon on the left: complete fear and terror, when the heroine hides from a monster, or when she is shocked to hear terrifying news.

This was the post for today, where I explained to you in detail the types of balloons or bubbles of speech and dialogue in the manga, how and where we use them and what is appropriate for each scene, I hope you liked it, and wait for me for more explanations soon.

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