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Watch how I create a complete anime scene

Download the software used from Here

Welcome to a new post, after a long absence, and as I promised you earlier that I will make an cartoon movie, but I relented, because I am not good at the quality of cartoon, and because I prefer anime, I decided to make an anime movie instead, as you promised me, and I think I finished until Now 10 anime scenes, and I use Elton Boom Harmony 15 program, and because I like everyone to see how I work, I liked to share with you, how I made an anime scene, and as you can see in the video above, a scene from the anime movie that I am working on, And there is a girl and a young man walking in a forest, and there are trees and plants, a scene like this was very easy for me, it took me a few hours.

At first I drew the background in another program, and I drew everything in a special layer, so the sky is in the last layer, and then the mountains are then the trees and the ground, and right in front of you you see the plants, I did so until the scene appears 3D, and I made the two characters walk in the middle between Layers, and when I moved the two characters and made them walk, I initially thought that it was complicated and that it would cost me a long time, but I used the cut-out technique and this technique made it much faster, because I drew every part of the body in a special layer, The head alone, the arm alone and the hand as well etc., and then I added the Peg as shown above, to each part that I wanted to move, so that the original drawing was not affected, and then I did the same thing on the other character, and in the end, I moved the camera For the scene to appear in 3D.

It may seem complicated to you while you read all this, but with a program like Elton Boom Harmony 15, it is very easy, especially with those who learned it years ago, and in the end I advise you to try and learn all of that, because it is the simplest form possible.

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