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Being busy made me avoid and hate drawing

I do not hide you a secret, that I am writing this post for you in the midst of my preoccupations, between finishing the manga that I started, completing the anime movie that I finished, and sending the finished drawing requests to clients, and between making two animation scenes for a foreign singer, etc.

I have to do all these things, in addition to my usual household chores, and above that I have to devote myself to sports for an hour a day.

I have not been busy in my life like this, I have always been devoted to drawing, to draw what I love whenever I like, without a client telling me what to draw or improve, and these things caused me constant tension and anxiety, so I hardly found a day to rest, without holding the pen And I paint.

I missed to sit and draw from nowhere as I did when I was young, without remembering that I had drawings waiting behind me. Sometimes I think to close my accounts until the request stops and I remain free from this burden, but I wake up and remember that it is my only work.

Certainly, I am not the only one busy, and there may even be those who work more than me and with arduous jobs, so I have to be thankful because in the end I work in a field that I love, which is animation and drawing, the field that keeps my talent alive, at least there is no manager above my head. All day long, no specific time to go out of the house to get to the office, and I can work whenever I want and take a break whenever I want too.

And now I conclude this short post for you, because I do not have time to scrutinize what I have written, and I must return to the ground and complete the tasks assigned to me more diligently.

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